Menu & Pricing

*This is BASIC PRICING only and will increase for coloured icings, coloured cakes and other “add-ons” 

*Minimum orders apply


1 dozen            $30

Mini’s (4 dz minimum order)

1 dozen            $14

Gluten Free Cupcakes (only available in regular size, not mini’s)

1 dozen            $35

Gluten, Dairy & Egg Free Cupcakes

1 dz                   $40

Custom Cupcakes {fondant covered, fondant accents, other requests}

1 dozen            $45 and up


6” (serves 8-10)           $40

8” (serves 11-13)         $50

10” (serves 18-25)       $70

12” (serves 25-40)       $100

*Gluten, Dairy & Egg free add $15-$20

Specialty cakes done on quote basis – please email 

Salted Caramels

$1 each

Sweet Georgia Browns {roasted salted pecans covered in homemade caramel & topped with milk chocolate}

$1.75 each

Almond & White Chocolate Caramels {roasted almonds covered in homemade caramel & topped with white chocoalte}

$1.75 each

Caramel & Chocolate covered Pretzels

$2.75 each

Caramel Apples {includes caramel from scratch, milk/dark chocolate, and candy/cookie of your choice, including skor, smarties, crushed oreos etc)


Dessert trays {comes with a variety of bars/squares, cookies, mini cupcakes, caramel candies etc}

Small {serves 18-22} $35

Large {serves 38-42} $55

Bars & Squares  Flavours and varieties are always changing but some include:

Oatmeal fudge, brownies, caramel apple cheesecake, chocolate almond slice, red velvet cheesecake, key lime pie bars, lemon bars, lemon crumble bars, butterscotch toffee bars, churro cheesecake, twix bars. caramel rice krispies, apple cheesecake squares, cookie dough cheesecake, etc

Caramel Apple Pie                                                                                                   {Graham Cracker Crust smothered in caramel sauce and pecans, filled with spice baked apples, cream cheese and topped with sweet whipped cream, more pecans and caramel drizzle}

10″                     $45


Flavours include (but not limited to)                                                                       Chocolate Chip, Cowboy, Ginger, Double Chocolate, Pumpkin Chocolate Chip, Snickerdoodles, etc.

$10 / dozen

Cookie Sammy’s {2 Cookies sandwiched with buttercream or cream cheese icing- see cookies for flavours}

$24 / dozen


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